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Consumer Affairs

The Department of Consumer Affairs opened its doors in the year 2000.

The aim of the Department is to educate consumers and traders on their rights and responsibilities under the various legislations available for the protection of consumers, as well as to ensure that locals and visitors are able to shop with confidence in Gibraltar.

Advice is offered on a varied range of complaints from consumers against traders and other businesses, including, but not limited to the following: shops, restaurants, garages, insurance companies, builders etc.

All complaints are of great concern to the Department, as they are often a cause of stress to consumers. It is our intention, therefore, to provide an informed and accurate response that will explain the rights of the consumer.

Information provided by consumers is treated with the utmost confidentiality. Traders will only be contacted by an officer of the Consumer Affairs department with the consumer’s consent and, usually, only if there has been a complete breakdown of communication between both parties, or, the consumer has tried to address the complaint directly without success.

The Department of Consumer Affairs is also responsible for the following.

  • Liaising with the UK European Consumer Centre to address complaints from consumers from other member states against local businesses and complaints from our local consumers against businesses in other member states.
  • Ensuring that scales in our local supermarkets are calibrated.
  • Ensuring that our petrol station pumps are calibrated.
  • Ensuring that traders display prices on goods.


The Department also conducts a yearly awareness campaign in the run up to Christmas on consumer rights and on internet shopping, which serves to educate consumers on their rights and also highlight the problems that may arise during this particular time of the year.

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