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Ministry of Tourism, Commercial Affairs, Public Transport and the Port

The Honourable Neil Costa MP, Minister for Tourism, Commercial Affairs, Public Transport and the Port welcomes you to the Ministry’s website.

This website has been established for the purposes of informing the public of issues which fall within the remit of his portfolio.

The Ministry is located in Europort, it is the central hub which coordinates the four ministerial portfolios which fall under its responsibility. Officials work tirelessly to ensure that the wide range of responsibilities, briefings and duties discharged by the Minister are expeditiously accomplished.

Minister Costa is the chairman of various boards and commissions including the Small Business Board, Transport Commission and Development Appeals Board to name a few. He also holds frequent meetings with different committees and organisations and other businessmen hoping to start a new venture in Gibraltar. He also makes annual trips to the UK, Madrid and Miami to attend tourism fairs in order to promote Gibraltar as a tourist destination and create and develop important business contacts. Add to this his weekly cabinet meetings and regular parliament sessions and you can see that Mr Costa, to put it lightly, is a busy man.

Mr Costa’s formidable capacity for multi-tasking means that his team of close aides are obliged to keep apace as he darts from meeting to meeting. Ensuring the hectic schedule is managed efficiently at all times is Debbie Garcia, the Minister’s indefatigable acting Principal Secretary, she is ably assisted by Charmaine who organises the Minister’s hectic diary and makes sure that all targets are diligently pursued. The accounting responsibility of the Ministry falls with Geraldine. Sueyenne is responsible for the Public Transport portfolio. Christian is responsible for Commercial Affairs, the Business Support Unit and administration, he is readily assisted by Jyanne and Victoria. Melanie completes the team and deals with general administrative and reception duties.

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