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Government amends Marriage Act to boost tourism

The Gibraltar Parliament has unanimously passed an amendment to the Marriage

Act. This amendment does not affect Gibraltar residents for whom the legal

requirements for marriage remain as before.

The measure has been a policy initiative of the Minister for Tourism, Commercial

Affairs, Public Transport and the Port, Neil Costa MP and the Gibraltar Tourist Board,

who together have carried out a detailed consultation with all relevant stakeholders

individually and via the UK Gibraltar Tourism Association.

The aim of the amendment is to derive greater economic benefits for Gibraltar from

those who come to be married in Gibraltar or on a Gibraltar-flagged ship.

One of the provisions in the new law is that couples married under special licence are

required to spend at least one night in Gibraltar, either before or after the ceremony

with the attendant hotel, restaurant and related spending that this will entail. There is

the added flexibility that the visiting couple can spend the relevant night as the guest

of a Gibraltar resident, rather than in a hotel.

With regard to the special-licence marriages aboard Gibraltar-registered passenger

ships by locally appointed deputy registrars, the Government expects that in the longterm,

these changes will serve as a further incentive for ship owners to re-register

their vessels under the Gibraltar flag.

The Minister declared that in the course of his extensive consultations with

stakeholders, there had been unanimous agreement as to the potential benefits to

the economy of this new policy initiative.

Mr Costa said: “The changes to the law introduced is yet another example of the

Gibraltar Government’s commitment to promote the Rock as a tourism destination

and to be innovative in its approach to developing the activities of the Gibraltar Ship

Registry. We are confident, as is the industry, that this measure will be successful

and that the Gibraltar economy will benefit from it. ”

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