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Trade Licensing Section

Any person wishing to buy or sell any product by way of business, whether wholesale or retail, as well as engage in certain commercial activities, is required to be licensed under the Trade Licensing Act 1978.

The Authority is made up of the Chairman, and eight other members appointed by the Government, two of whom are appointed after consultation with the Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce, two after consultation with the Gibraltar Trades Council and two after consultation with the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses. There are also other members that are appointed from HM Customs, Town Planning and a legal counsel. These members are there on a consultation only basis and do not have the right to vote.

The Trade Licensing section is the administrative arm of the Trade Licensing Authority. It is also the collector of all revenue raised in respect of Trade, Tavern, Bakers, Entertainment and various other licences and therefore holds all records in respect of Trade Licences. A Trade Licence is also necessary for the importation of goods in commercial quantities. There are some services that do NOT require Trade Licences e.g. Estate Agents, Travel Agencies. However some services do require a Trade Licence, most especially in the construction service. These are specified in the Trade Licensing Act and they are as follows:



-        CARPENTRY


-        JOINERY           In so far as undertaken in the context of Building Contracting

-        PAINTING

-        PLUMBING

-        WOODWORK


CATERING (Includes restaurants, cafeterias, publicans)






In order to apply for a Trade Licence, two completed copies of the Notice of Intention to apply for a Trade Licence (Form3) must be published in the Gibraltar Gazette and another in a Gibraltar newspaper. Once these have been published the application (Form 5) must be submitted with the cuttings of both adverts at the Trade Licensing section located at Suite 631 Europort (3rd Floor).  The forms can either be collected from the office or by emailing licensing.mttp@gibraltar.gov.gi .  Within 14 days of the last publication, any objectors to the granting of a Trade Licence, may do so by writing to the Trade Licensing Authority and the applicant, stating the grounds of the objection. The application is then brought before the Authority at the next available meeting where both sides are invited to address the Authority. The decision to grant or refuse the Trade Licence will then be taken and the applicant informed. If successful, the applicant will pay the fee of £40.00 for the year ending on 31st December.  If the Trade Licence is issued after 30th June the fee payable is £20.00.

All Trade Licences are valid until the 31st December and renewable in advance on payment of the fee of £25.00.

Any changes to the Trade Licence must be authorised by the Trade Licensing Authority.


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